Town Planning

Yateley lies in the north east corner of Hart with the Blackwater River as its northern border and the A30 as its southern border.

Although the home of some 21,000 people, the urban housing areas are separated by strategic gaps of green land which remain under severe threat from development.  We cannot ignore the need for sustainable development, but the quality of Yateley as a place to live depends upon maintaining the right balance between development and the natural environment.

Planning is a principle concern and is one of the main reasons why people belong to the Society –  to connect with locals who share concerns about planning applications.  Because of its key location next to urban conurbations, Yateley is perpetually under threat from new development – which residents may or may not consider unsuitable for the area.

The Society encourages members to monitor planning applications for all major developments in Yateley and all applications in conservation areas and common lands.

We can act as a ‘matchmaker’ to bring together members with a common purpose and it may be possible to make representations under the banner of the Society !

If you are interested in becoming active in local Town Planning, contact us on [email protected]

Our Objective

to promote high standards of planning and architecture

When commenting on Planning Applications, the Society advises members to consider whether the Development will:

  • Be consistent with high standards of town planning
  • Conform with policies in Local Plans, Conservation Area Statements etc
  • Affect Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings, buildings of local importance
  • Affect any historic landscape features or archaeological site
  • Affect Common land or Nature Conservation interests
  • Close or compromise Strategic Gaps between communities
  • Affect the character of Yateley as a place in which to live and work
  • Cause road safety/parking/traffic congestion problems
  • Cause a precedent for further Development
  • Necessitate additional housing for proposed commercial Development
  • Necessitate additional Development for proposed housing

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