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Our local history research group is a loose association of members who are interested in various aspects of local history including Yateley families, houses, churches, pubs and farms and of course Yateley Common.
It does not usually meet on a regular basis but members come together, generally as two’s and three’s, when they have a project in mind. This has led to a series of exhibitions in Yateley Library with the aim of informing the public about the history of Yateley. The most recent of these was in 2014 in which we looked at the impact of the outbreak of World War One on Yateley. This in turn evolved into the group’s biggest undertaking yet – producing Yateley in the Great War, (commissioned by Pen & Sword Books) which involved a group of 10 – 12 people researching and meeting monthly from 2013 until publication in 2018. It is still available to buy online, from bookshops or directly from the Society within the area of Yateley.

If you’d like to find out how to purchase a copy of our book contact us on [email protected]

Our Objective

to secure the preservation, protection and enhancement of features of historic or public interest

  • by the establishment of a huge and ever expanding database of information about the history of Yateley, biographies of residents and listed buildings – a substantial amount of which is available online
  • to use the history research for publications and exhibitions

Other members of the group have produced booklets of local interest, such as “A Walk On Cricket Hill”, “Today and Yesterday” and “Church End”, and through other research they have also contributed to a substantial increase in the numbers of listed buildings and eventually to the designation of two further Conservation Areas. The Society would not have won so many of the planning inquiries concerning listed buildings and conservation areas if we had not presented well researched historical evidence about those buildings and their setting. However, we are conscious that there are still buildings in need of being listed (to avoid neglect, decay and demolition) and more assistance with this is most welcome.
If there are aspects of the history of Yateley (which as a civil parish encompasses Darby Green and Frogmore) which interest you and you’d like to discover more about then you might consider getting involved. If you have no previous experience of historical research don’t worry … neither did many of our researchers – and we all have to start somewhere.

If you’d like to join our Local History Research Group, contact us on [email protected].

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