It all started in the autumn of 1979 when a small group came together to study the village and its interesting features. This, the Yateley Study Group, became the Yateley Society on 15 January 1981. The Yateley Society is a well-recognised and respected community group, comprising enthusiastic locals – amateurs and professionals / novices and experts – whose joint wishes and aims are to maintain and improve the quality of life in Yateley. A considerable number of people have been actively involved in their community, and its future direction, in a way they might not otherwise have been. The Society is a Civic Trust which is a registered charity. One of the four object clauses of its Constitution is to educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of the area of benefit. Publication of the Society’s research on this website helps to fulfil its charitable objectives. Our Executive Committee is elected annually at the AGM and represents the Society in its dealing with the outside world. The Committee meets every 6 weeks to discuss any matters of interest or concern which affect Yateley and the surrounding area. We also organise a programme of events for members (non-members are also welcome). The Society is a member of Civic Voice the national charity for the civic movement in England. The Society is a member of Campaign to Protect Rural England who fight for a better future for England’s countryside. This website is provided by the Yateley Society as a public service. The content is the copyright of the Yateley Society and the authors. You may copy the content for personal non-commercial purposes, and all we require is that you acknowledge the source as the Yateley Society. All other uses require written permission – Contact the Yateley Society.