Current Planning Matters

 Yateley Development

Mill Lane

At the pre-0application stage Hart gave a long resume why they would refuse planning permission for this development. However, the developer has submitted a full application presumably expecting it to be refused. I would have thought that this was too small a development to afford an appeal but you never know. The Society has submitted an objection citing that the site is outside the settlement boundary, is in a nature conservation area, part of the site is in flood zone 2/3 and the additional traffic flow in what is a country lane.

Blackbushe Airport

Blackbushe Airport Ltd has applied to Hampshire County Council to de-register the airport land from the Commons Register.

Neighbourhood Plan

The second meeting of the Steering Group occurred on the 6th September at the Tythings.


Richard Quarteman              Chairman

Barry Moody                           Vice Chairman

Jane Biscombe                       Acting Secretary

Tony Spencer                         Councillor (Town Mayor)

Graham Cockarill                  Councillor

Roger Coombes                      Yateley Society

Roger Durdle                          Finance Controller

Gill Kennell                             Councillor

Greg Easterbrook                  Councillor

John Jenkins                          Resident


At the meeting it was agreed that the boundary for the Neighbourhood Plan will be the civil parish of Yateley. There was some discussion on including part of Eversley but this was rejected.


Hart Local Plan

We are still waiting for Hart to publish the pre-submission Local Plan.


Barry Moody – September 2017.