Current Planning Matters

Yateley Development


9 Dwellings at Mill Lane

There is no decision as yet on this planning application.



The developer has obtained planning permission to carry out an archaeological survey of the site where 150 new homes are planned. A Written Scheme of Investigation can be accessed on the Hart Planning web site. The document has been approved by the HCC archaeologist. This work has to be carried out before any ground work starts.


YDF Neighbourhood Plan

At the Steering Group meeting held at the Tythings on the 17th October, the meeting created the basis for a vision of Yateley by asking the following questions:-


  • What do you like about Yateley?
  • What don’t you like about Yateley?
  • What improvements should be made?


A list was created and this is published on the YTC web site on the Neighbourhood Plan page.


The meeting also expressed reservations about whether a Neighbourhood Development Plan was right for Yateley and other options should be considered.


The next Steering Group meeting will be on the 29th November at the Darby Green Community Hall, start time 19.30. Members of the public are welcome.


Blackbushe Airport

The Yateley Society, and many members separately, have sent their objections to Hampshire County Council Commons Registration Authority.


River Valley Lake

This lake, now divided into two sections, behind Hampshire Lakes Community Village is up for sale.


Motorbright & Gayton House

There is a proposal to build retirement homes on the site currently occupied by Motorbright (opposite the White Lion in Yateley). This also includes some changes to Gayton House next door. The Renaissance Group will be holding a presentation of the proposed scheme at St Peters church on the 16th November between 16.00 and 19.00. Note that this is a public consultation prior to a planning application being submitted.


Hart Development


British Car Auctions

The inspector’s site visit that was to take place on the 8th November has been cancelled and the inspector has decided to set up a hearing. A public hearing will now take place on the 14th March 2018 at the Yateley Village Hall start time 10.00am.


Warbrook Lane

A full planning application has been submitted to build 12 new homes on the north side of Warbrook Lane, Eversley. This will involve demolishing the existing house, Four Seasons, residential caravan and other structures on the site.



An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening opinion has been sought for a 2,000 new home development at Winchfield. (This is contrary to the land having been excluded from the draft Local Plan.)


Hart Local Plan

It is expected that Hart Council will be publishing a new pre-submission Local Plan so that consultation will start in January 2018.



Barry Moody

November 2017.