Current Planning Matters


Hart Local Plan

There is still no sign of a draft Local Plan. The whole process has been dogged by the opposition to a new “mini town” either at Winchfield or Murrell Green and the housing numbers which seems to be a moving target. There is also the issue of taking unmet housing delivery from Rushmoor and Surrey Heath. It is looking like Hart will have to base its new Local Plan on the worst case scenario and plan for a possible 10,000 homes over the next 15 years.

Hart Development


After not proceeding with its appeal against planning refusal for 121 homes along Marsh Lane a new pre-application has been submitted for a smaller scale development of about 50 homes.

Rushmoor and Surrey Heath

Rushmoor are saying they can meet their own housing commitments in the HMA but this  has yet to be tested under examination. Surrey Heath has not even started its work on a new Local Plan.


Barry Moody – March 2017.