Membership of the Society is open to all residents and to anyone with an interest in the well-being of Yateley.  The Society is an active group of enthusiasts with a good and growing reputation in planning, conservation and local history. We are therefore always seeking new members who want to join in these groups actively. We do, of course, welcome to membership all those who cannot participate actively but share our aims.

Membership Fees:

  • Adult Annual (£10.00 per year)

  • Joint Adult Annual (£15.00 per year)

  • Corporate Annual (£30.00)

For further information please contact the Membership Secretary. Alternatively, download and complete a membership form and post to the address provided.

Membership-Renewal-Form-updated-Sept 2017 APH

Benefits of Membership

The Society offers the following benefits to members:

  • A bi-monthly newsletter with reports and items of local interest
  • Monthly talks about a wide range of topics – mostly with a local slant
  • Links with other members to participate in (or form) interest groups such as those commenting on planning applications, local history investigations, conservation activities
  • A free day pass to one of over 400 English Heritage properties – Contact a Committee Member
  • A free National Trust day pass (worth up to £14) – Contact a Committee Member
  • Formal links to Civic Voice, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) and Hampshire Wildlife Trust through the membership of the Yateley Society to these organisations.
  • Membership of Hampshire Field Club and Archaeology Association and The Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust with access to their events.
  • Three “meet the members” social events throughout the year – at Christmas, the Chairman’s Dinner in Spring and a Summer Social.