Marsh Lane Eversley

Bovis Homes has submitted a planning application for 121 new homes on land adjacent to Marsh Lane, Eversley.  A SANG is proposed on the other side of the road.


  1. Christina Heffernan says:

    As I live adjacent to this proposed development I am less than pleased! The traffic is already very busy, the lane is narrow with no footpaths, Coopers Hill and Firgrove Rd also. The doctors and local schools cannot cope with present demand let alone more people.
    The Sangs land in effect joins Eversley to Yateley leaving little gap. The Sangs land is unsuitable and across 2 busy roads so no one will bother to use it and with no parking others won’t either! The drainage and flooding issues are a long precedent and thus will excacerbate them.
    This is an ill founded proposal by a greedy developer who holds a lot of land in Eversley and thinks it’d his village but we should have a say and we don’t want it!