New Research Required

There are many more topics we should like to research, or which we have not yet written up:

  • how did Yateley miss becoming the second London Airport?
  • how did Cricket Hill get its name?
  • what happened to the sand lizards on the common?
  • how did Brandy Bottom get its name?
  • why did Yateley get developed rather than Odiham and Hartley Wintney?
  • which king exchanged his wet clothes with a Yateley miller?
  • did Wilky Collins write the Woman in White at Frogmore House?
  • who was murdered at Moulsham Spray Bridge in the Civil War – and why?
  • did Oliver Cromwell really sleep at Monteagle House?
  • when was the A30 used as a Gypsy racetrack?
  • was there a monastery at Firgrove?
  • when was the last aircrash in Yateley?
  • how did the Welsh Drive get its name?
  • how many water mills did Yateley have?
  • how long did it take a stagecoach to get from Blackwater to Hartfordbridge?
  • when and why was the last time Yateley flooded?
  • did Cromwell camp on Yateley Common?
  • why do we have so many ponds?
  • when did Yateley have four hospitals?
  • how did Fido save airmen at Blackbushe?
  • did Monteagle House pump all its water from the parish boundary stream?


If you are interested in trying to answer any of these questions please let us know. We are always keen to find new members for our research team. Contact us.


Perhaps you have your own question about Yateley which you would like to look into, and eventually add to this site.