Local/Family History Questions?

If you have a question about Yateley which has been puzzling you, and would like someone else to research it, please contact us.

The Yateley Society tries to answer family history questions. We work on a reciprocity basis — we like to exchange our information with yours. In that way we gradually build up a better knowledge of Yateley’s past. So if you find your ancestors mentioned in this website, please let us know.

The Yateley Society gets more Local History enquiries about an institution called The Haven than any other single aspect of Yateley’s History. The Haven was a “mother and baby” home run by the Baptist Union for unmarried mothers to come and have their babies. It was opened in 1945, and closed in 1970. Almost 1,800 babies were born there, many of whom have contacted the Society‚Äôs website for information about their birthplace.