Military Hospitals 1914

 WWI: Yateley at War. The Home Front – Auxiliary Hospitals Preparations Following the Boer War the War Office was concerned that the medical and nursing services would not be able to cope in the event of another war.   The peacetime needs of a standing army, in relation to medical care, were very small and specific.   […]

Belgian Refugees 1914

WWI – Yateley’s Story Belgian Refugees On the night of August 3rd Germany invaded Belgium. To their surprise little Belgium wasn’t a pushover and the Belgian civilians didn’t play fair either and fought back. The Germans used terror, “Schrecklichkeit”, as a weapon. Horrific tales spread rapidly. Germans were accused of bayonetting babies, killing children, rape […]

Royal Navy 1914

  WWI : Yateley’s Story  Yateley Men Who Fought in the Naval Battles of  1914. The Battle of Coronel and The Battle of the Falkland Islands   The Royal Navy in 1914 mirrored Britain’s global dominance with an Empire that embraced a quarter of the worlds land mass. To protect this Empire and its sea […]

4th Hants Mobilisation 1914

World War 1 – Yateley’s Story  The 4th Hampshire Regiment – 1914 to 1915 Call Up and Embarkation Out of about two hundred Yateley men who took part in the First World War no fewer than twenty nine served in the 4th (Territorial) Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment. Of these five were to lose their […]

Home Front – Yateley 1914

World War 1 – Yateley’s Story Yateley 1914 Written by Valerie Kerslake from oral histories collected by her over the last 40 years and with material from privately published memoirs. ~ A visitor to Yateley in 1914 might have been struck by the number of new buildings in this small village.  Right in the middle, […]