Blackbushe Airport

Last night (20th Sept.) at the Tythings a special meeting of the Yateley Common Management Committee was convened specifically to discus the application by Blackbushe Airport Ltd to de-register the airport land from the Commons Register. There was also 30 + members of the public observing the meeting.


A motion was put to the committee to “vigorously oppose de-registration” and that motion was carried unanimously by members of the committee. Details still have to be worked out but this outcome is welcome to residents and will be carried to the Registration Body at Hampshire County Council. Although not official, the motion was also put to members of the public, and again the motion was unanimously supported.


This is only the first stage in fighting this application and all residents are urged to send their objections into Hampshire County Council by the 8th October. letters should be addressed to – Commons Team Registration Office, Room 0 01, Castle Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8UL.


The application to de-register is dependent upon a complex legal matter involving an understanding of the Commons Act 2006 and more will be reported on this later.


In the meantime it is up to all Yateley residents to stand up and object to this proposed erosion of our precious common land.




  1. john william pye says:

    Many Yateley residence, including myself, have only just learned about this application for de-registration of common land at Blackbush, which we also “vigorously appose”. As a reminder, Yateley has already lost much of its common land when it was acquisitioned to build the airport and was not returned. What remains serves a very important lung for a town that is being increasingly urbanised already. The area provides many footpaths for people enjoying fresh air and exercise; where people can walk their dogs, children can safely play, ride their cycles, etc, etc. It seems, we should be promoting and expanding such open spaces, not removing them.

    There is also the likely impact on the nearby, sensitive area, of Castle Bottom Country Park. I believe that with this proposal, that is so vitally important for Yateley, should be given more time, and publicity, for Yateley residents to consider.