World War 1- 100th Anniversary

We have placed onto the web site the stories of Yateley men who fought in the great 1916 battles of the First World War, namely the Somme and Jutland. Go to History – World War 1.

Battle of the Somme

Yateley Men at the Battle of the Somme

Battle of Jutland

Jutland 1916

Monthly Meeting

The Yateley branch of the Towns Women Guild has selected Yateley Society as one the charities that will benefit from the TWG fund raising during the current year. On Thursday, 28th April, our monthly meeting will feature a talk by Jean Carter, a Trustee of the YTWG,  about the TGW and the charity work they undertake.  Usual […]

Monthly Meeting

Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday 24th March at the Red Cross Hall in Monteagle Lane. Start time is 19.45.   This month we are holding a workshop of the Society’s History Group. This is an opportunity to see the progress of the WW1 research team and learn about the new book covering what Yateley was like between […]

Annual General Meeting

Thursday, 25th February is our AGM at the Red Cross Hall, Monteagle Lane. Start time 19.45.

Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meeting at the Red Cross Hall on Thursday, 28th January, will feature a talk by Philip Todd about old breweries in Yateley. Start time is 19.45.

Marsh Lane, Eversley

Bovis Homes has appealed against Hart’s refusal to grant planning permission for 121 new homes on land along Marsh lane, Eversley. The appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate and a hearing will be set up. A “hearing” normally takes one day after an Inspector has read through the documents and has had whatever […]

World War 1 Research – A Great Find from Australia

The Society learned of an auction of documents by Alice Stilwell relating to the Stilwell family in Tasmania, Australia. We joined in with the auction and to see what happened follow the link below:- Alice Stilwell

Hart Local Plan

Hart is carrying out another consultation on the strategic housing options for the district. The options for building new homes are the same as those consulted on last year, i.e.- Option 1   Within existing settlements. Option 2   Extend existing settlements. Option 3   Urban extensions similar to Elvetham Heath. Option 4   New settlement (Winchfield?). Option 5  Outside the […]

Newsletter Archive

The following previous Newsletters can be accessed below:- Newsletter 123 Newsletter 122 Newsletter 121 Newsletter 120 Newsletter 119 Newsletter 117

Christmas Fayre

At the monthly meeting on Thursday the 26th November, we are having a Christmas Fayre at the Red Cross Hall in Monteagle Lane. Buy your presents from local businesses . The evening starts at 20.00 to give us time to set the stalls up.

Yateley Society Monthly Meeting

Thursday, 22nd October is the Society’s monthly meeting at the Red Cross hall, Monteagle Lane. Start time is 19.45. Graham Fleuty will be giving a talk about SAS Captain Cecil Buck. All are welcome.

Marsh Lane Eversley

Great news!  At the Planning Committee on the 14th October, Hart Council refused planning permission for the proposed 121 new homes along Marsh Lane. However, this may be only the first battle in another long drawn out saga if the developer decides to take the decision to appeal. We must now wait and see.

World War 1

We have started adding 1915 in our series “World War 1 – The Yateley Story” to the web site. The first article, by Graham Fleuty, concentrates on the Yateley men who were in Gallipoli and the second article by Chris Bunch is about the Mesopotamia campaign and is under the History/WW1 heading.

World War 1 – 1915

Gallipoli Campaign GALLIPOLI Mesopotamia Campaign Yateley Men in Mesopotamia 1915

New World War 1 Project

The Yateley Society has signed a contract with publishers, Pen and Sword, to write a book titled ‘Yateley in the Great War’. This will become one of Pen and Swords “Towns in the Great War” series. The book will be about the ‘home front’ and will not include military events and is due to be complete by August […]

Yateley Society Monthly Meeting

Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday, 24th September at the Red Cross Hall on Monteagle Lane. A presentation will be given about the operations carried out at RAF Hartford Bridge (now Blackbushe Airport) during World War 2.  Start time will be 19.45.

Urnfield Latest

The developer, Welbeck Strategic Land, is appealing the decision of Hart District Council (HDC) to refuse planning permission for 150 new homes on land east of Moulsham Lane, Yateley. The appeal process is underway and Welbeck has issued two formal mandatory documents, (1) a draft statement of Common Ground it thinks it may achieve with […]

Urnfield Latest

Montagu Evans, on behalf of Welbeck Strategic land Llp, has submitted a Statement of Case to the Planning Inspectorate. This briefly provides some detail as to which issues they consider that there is “Common Ground” with Hart Council and those items that they are not in agreement with and which will form the basis of their argument […]

Urnfield Latest

A planning inspector has supported Hart Councils refusal for planning permission to build 48 new homes at Hop Garden Road in Hook. There are some similarities with the Urnfield development. What is encouraging is the inspector’s view that Hart has identified a 5 year supply of housing land. Most developers. when appealing,  are basing their appeal on Hart not meeting its […]


Montagu Evans, on behalf of their Client Welbeck Land Llp, has written to the Planning Inspectorate to appeal the decision by Hart District Council to refuse planning permission for 150 new homes on the Urnfield. Unfortunately this now takes the decision away from the local area and places it firmly in the hands of unelected  […]

Marsh Lane Eversley

Bovis Homes has submitted a planning application for 121 new homes on land adjacent to Marsh Lane, Eversley.  A SANG is proposed on the other side of the road.

Yateley Society Summer Social

Our Summer Social this year will be held on Sunday 5th July in the garden of Thriftswood on Stevens Hill.  It will start at 12.00 noon and go on until about 15.00. Tickets are £5 each (children go free) and you will be greeted by a free glass of Pimms on arrival. Please bring your own picnic […]

June Monthly Meeting

We are carrying out a Walk on Cricket Hill on June 25th based on Valerie Kerslake’s book of that name. Look out for more details. Everyone will be welcome.

May Monthly Meeting

This Thursday, 28th May, is our monthly meeting at the Red Cross Hall, Monteagle Lane. It is our intention to have a ’round the table’ discussion presenting the main Society activities and what is involved in carrying them out. It is everyone’s chance to put questions and get involved in any way you can.

Sun Park at Guillemont Barracks

Pre application advice is being sought from Hart District Council for a 320 home development at the former Sun Park at Guillemont Barracks.  This is not in Yateley but is another example of the pressure being placed on infrastructure and resources all around us. Part of the site is within the SPA 400m exclusion zone so it will be interesting […]

Monthly Meeting

On Thursday the 27th April at the Red Cross Hall, Monteagle Lane there will be discussions and review of some historical Yateley publications. A number of books will be presented and some will be for sale on the night. The evening will include a brief summary of each book including  its time lines, the historical importance and about […]

Previous Newsletters

Newsletter Archive Please see below for some previous Newsletters produced by Yateley Society.. Newsletter 134 Newsletter 133 Newsletter 132 Newsletter 131 newsletter-130 Newsletter 128 Newsletter 127 Newsletter 126 Newsletter 125 Newsletter  124 Newsletter: 123 Newsletter: 122 Newsletter: 121 Newsletter: 120 Newsletter: 119 Newsletter: 117

Hawley Park Farm

The Secretary of State has decided not to call in the planning application for 126 homes at Hawley Park Farm and has formally withdrawn the Section 25 holding notice. There is nothing now, presumably, stopping the Council to formally grant planning permission. A very regrettable decision but I suppose it should have been foreseen. As […]

Historic Houses Presentation

Congratulations to Abby for her presentation about some of Yateley’s old houses at our monthly meeting at the Red Cross Hall.  I’m sure all present learnt something of Yateley’s historic heritage. Over 50 people, members and non members, attended the talk and took part in some interesting discussions afterwards. (Sorry about the lack of chairs!) Peter and […]

Yateley Common

The meeting of the Yateley Common Management Committee held at the Tythings last Wednesday was attended by approximately 60 members of the public. The main item, which took up most of the meeting, was the application  by HCC to fence off parts of the common to allow grazing animals to be used as part of the strategy […]

Yateley Common

There is a meeting of the Yateley Common Management Committee on Wednesday 4th March at the Tythings, start time 19.00. This is a public meeting so if you are interested or concerned about Yateley Common then this is the place to be.  The meeting is likely to be dominated by Hampshire County Council’s application to the […]

March Monthly Meeting

The March monthly meeting will be held at the Red Cross Hall, Monteagle Lane on Thursday the 19th; start time 19.45. The meeting will include a presentation of some of Yateley’s old buildings, so come along and learn about our heritage. Questions and discussion will be included and if you have any old photographs or memories […]


Hart Council has refused planning permission for the 150 homes proposed for land bounded by Moulsham Lane and Vicarage Road- The Urnfield. The principle reasons quoted are:- Erosion of the strategic gap between Yateley and Sandhurst. (This is a county boundary.) Affect of extra traffic on local roads. Additional flood risk. In addition other reasons quoted […]

Yateley Common

Hampshire County Council has written to the Secretary of State for permission to fence in parts of Yateley Common in order to use grazing animals as part of the maintenance strategy. The idea is to try and bring the common back to its earlier ‘heathland’ habitat in order to safeguard its future and ground nesting […]

Yateley Common Conservation Group

Notes from a volunteers diary. Our job today was to rake up the floating pennywort for disposal. To gain access to the boggy area Ian needed to cut down the fallen trees that were blocking our way. We split into two groups: one helping Ian to remove the trees and the other group concentrated on […]

Yateley Common Conservation Group

  Follow the latest news from the conservation team   The conservation work of The Yateley Society on Yateley Common The conservation group working party linked to the society meets for 3 hours at 10.00am on the last Sunday of every month at Wyndham’s pond car park (you’ll find the car park on the left […]

Yateley Common

Sunrise after the coldest night.

Hawley Park Farm

On the 29th January, Hart District Council approved the departure from the Local Plan to allow 126 new homes to be built in the Strategic Gap at Hawley Park Farm.  (You wonder why it’s worth having a Local Plan when it can be disregarded at the drop of a hat – or in this case a SANG!!) […]