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Welcome to The Yateley Society

The Yateley Society is a voice for the people of Yateley…

Yateley Common

Sunrise after the coldest night.

Hawley Park Farm

On the 29th January, Hart District Council approved the departure from the Local Plan to allow 126 new homes to be built in the Strategic Gap at Hawley Park Farm.  (You wonder why it’s worth having a Local Plan when it can be disregarded at the drop of a hat – or in this case a SANG!!) […]

Yateley Society AGM

On Thursday 19th February, the Society will hold its AGM. This will be held in the Red Cross Hall, Monteagle Lane starting at 20.00 hrs. As many people as possible are urged to attend as this will set out new resolutions and elect a new Executive Committee.

World War 1 Exhibition

The World War 1 1914 exhibition will be on display at the AGM on Thursday the 19th Feb. in the Red Cross Hall, Monteagle Lane.   We are now working earnestly on the year 1915 to produce a second exhibition later this year. The main topics being researched for the exhibition are:- Galipolli campaign Mesopotamia campaign Military […]